Overheard in the Nauhaus

I’ll let you guess who said what.


“Yes, Emmett, we all have butts.”

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I Give You, This.

Since James keeps sending me gems like these, I’m going to keep on posting them.  I mean, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, amirite?


Emmett had a pretty good morning, except for when he invented the worst fucking game ever.

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James is Mr. Mom

James has been doing his best Michael Keaton impersonation these days, for which I am eternally grateful.  Not only does it allow us to save some money during the summer months when we don’t have to pay for out-of-home daycare, but it also allows me to receive emails such as these (reproduced below, in its entirety) in the middle of my work day.  I have to admit to laughing while reading this, all with a sort of smug grin on my face for no other reason than if you haven’t experienced something like this for yourself (and I can guarantee anyone who has cared for a toddler has), it’s hard to fully sympathize with events such as these.  That being said, with James’ storytelling abilities, you can almost smell the grilled cheese cooking…

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Overheard in the women’s clothing section at Target:

20-something #1: “UGH, are we in the old lady section?”

20-something #2: “No, we’re still in the regular clothing section–why?”

20-something #1: “Because look at these shorts!!  They’re soooooo long!  They’d almost reach my knees! Who wears these?”

Aaaand that’s how today I was reminded that I’m old, as I slyly put the shorts back on the rack.

So That Happened.

“Single” Parenting Gold Star

So, I’m not really a single parent in the truest sense of the word, but James is working overseas for two-and-a-half weeks so I’m the lone Emmett wrangler.  And it’s hard.  And I’m exhausted. And I have eaten cheerios for dinner two nights in a row.  But I also have help.  And Emmett is an amazing, mellow, kid.  All of those out there who do this without a full-time partner, I salute you.  And am sending you a bottle of your favorite adult beverage.

A while ago, I mentioned my ability (er, need) to take super quick showers so that Emmett doesn’t start trying to comb his hair with the toilet brush.  I usually try to distract him with books and maybe a bowl of fruit, but lately that hasn’t been holding his attention.  A little box in our linen closet has managed to capture his imagination, though.  Anyone else’s toddler son super into tampons?  No?  Just E?  Awesome.

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